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I asked the following people if they would compose a recommendation for my work which I could post here. I greatly appreciate their ready assistance and permission to post their responses.

Christie Dowling
Relationship: Human Resources, Market Distribution Services, Knoxville, TN

Time Frame: 2003-2005

July, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Faith Young. I had the pleasure of working with her when we were both employed at Market Distribution Specialists, and I found her to be a very pleasant person who was always willing to offer assistance to anyone.

Faith worked in several departments of MDS, and she was capable of mastering new skills quickly. She is a very detail-oriented worker, and you know when she completes an assignment it has been done correctly. Her evaluations were filled with praise, and her supervisors often told me how much they appreciated her efforts. Faith was always willing to work extra hours if it was necessary, and she could be counted on to finish whatever project she was assigned.

If you have a position that matches Faith’s skills, I would urge you to hire her because I think you will find her to be an excellent employee.


(signature on hard copy on file in STF office)

Christie S. Dowling, PHR

Pastor Doug Eads
Relationship: Pastor/Administrator, Foothills Christian Academy,

Friendsville, TN

Time Frame: July 1998-July 2001

"For three years Faith was the secretary at the school where I was the Administrator. I highly recommend that you let her become your virtual assistant. She does professional work with an eye for great detail. The quality of work that Faith does is awfully hard to find. Give her a call. Before long you will be singing her praises too."

(email from Pastor Doug Eads, 6/18/06)


Pastor John Ingram
Relationship: Pastor, Stanton Bible Methodist Church, Stanton, AL
Time Frame: 8/08-present

Relationship: Secretary, Church Expansion Department of the AL Bible

Methodist Conference

Time Frame: 7/07-7/09

"As Pastor and Conference leader, I have used the services of SpreadingTheFaith.com for the publication of newsletters and creating websites. I have been pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the work. Our church website is among the best I have seen thus far. I highly recommend the services of Faith Young at SpreadingTheFaith.com."

(email from Pastor John Ingram, 7/9/09)


"...for we are labourers together with God." 1 Cor. 3:9


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