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I focus on paperwork ~ YOU focus on MINISTRY!


You have my word on it!

  • I will be totally honest with my clients.
  • I will never divulge confidential information about any client to anyone.
  • I will hold in highest regard the trust placed in me by my clients.
  • I will not do anything illegal or dishonest for any client.
  • I will not waste client money or time.
  • I will avoid conflicts of interest.
  • I will represent truthfully my capabilities and that of my equipment, software or systems.
  • I will only offer services that I perform well and attempt to refer a client to someone else for tasks that I cannot perform.
  • I will not take on or keep clients who are not a good match with my work style and temperament.

I focus on paperwork ~ YOU focus on MINISTRY!


Faith Young 506 Sparrow Drive, Maryville, TN 37801
Toll-free phone: (888) 879-6966 ~ Toll-free fax: (888) 879-6968

Type my email address into the email window that opens. (My address is displayed as an image to thwart spammers.)

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